Assistance required with Excercise - Symbol count

Hello everyone,

Could you assist me with this easy exercise? I am required to count: uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers from the string below, excluding SYMBOLS. Could you share your insights on which methods would you use, why and how? Thank you!

sts = "aaaa@@@bbbvcca%%%edacarARAEFE****INGOANPMEIGM9358932486-2056970496023"

—> Example answer I should get… below

lower: 10



if name == “main”:
** pass**

that is essentially everything? You should do research which methods are available, how we can check if a character is alphabetic or a number.

Then the next step is to apply alphabetic/numeric to each character, how could that be done?

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As @stetim94 has said:

I’ll help you along in that regard.

Here is a list of all the methods that you can call against a string-type variable.

Using some combination of those methods, you can achieve what you’re looking to do. :+1: