Assigning the sum of numbers in a list in one line

(If there are threads specifically related to one lesson please let me know - couldn’t find anything on first glance:

Lesson I am currently on: Carly’S Clippers

I am trying to assign the sum of numbers in a list to a variable and wondered if I could solve this in one line. I tried:
total_prices += price for price in prices #where prices is the list of number
and I am not sure what part of the syntax is troublesome here.

PS: I am aware of the sum() function, I was just wondering if I could manually solve that function in one line…

Yep, there are a bunch of threads about Carly’s:

You don’t need to use .sum. Did you check the hint in the lesson?
total_price needs to start at 0 then you do your for loop.

hey @lisalisaj

thanks for the reply. yes, i found multiple threads by searching for “carly’s” - i just remember from another platform that there were specific “rooms” that only contained threads for that lesson… anyhow I know I don’t need to use sum and I also solved the lesson, I was just wondering if I could solve it with a “one-liner” not using sum.