Assigning a variable within a function body


Hi. I’m an absolute beginner to JavaScript. I’m actually working in the Scope section, but was instructed to create a locally scoped variable in order to mask a globally scoped one.

the globally scoped variable was
let starts = “North Star”;

Instruction was to assign “Sirius” locally in the first line of a function including the stars function. So I wrote:

const myNightSky = () => {stars = "Sirius"; return "Night Sky: " + satellite + ", " + stars + ", " + galaxy; }

I’m getting an error message. What did I do wrong? The program shows no hints. Thanks.


Can you share the exercise url? Are satellite and galaxy defined?

You could add a function call, so the function actually executes, this might show the error


Hi @fangchuan1911,

While waiting for you to provide the relevant information asked by @stetim94, I am wondering whether this spelling mistake plays a part in your getting an error situation, look below in bold:

Did you mean that?

If you still having trouble, a link to the exercise, your written full code in the exercise, what error message it is showing, all that would be very much needed for others to help you.


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