ASP.NET Resume Templator Project is Broken


I am just posting about this to see if anybody else is experiencing it. I am working my way through the ASP.NET Resume Templator and matters. No matter what I do none of my changes populate. I have no idea if Im doing the project correct or not. Is this how its supposed to work? Because if that is the case then it is very useless.

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Cant get it to work either. UI refuses to update no matter what I do and there are no error messages nor feedback.

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Is it possible to submit a bug to Code Academy. I want to pay for this service but at the same time this feels like quality and they are asking for premium dollar.

I personally feel like the ASP.NET course is a bit neglected.


Glad it’s not just me, this lesson is messed up.

Just to confirm, as of today it is still broken.

I encountered the same issue as well to having no update on the UI. I reported it as bug to Code Academy. Please report tgt :slight_smile: .

I agree entirely with @morgadob41
I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with the quality of the ASP.NET course on Codecademy. The material did not meet my expectations.

While I agree with others here that the lack of error messages on this project is frustrating, especially if you’re new to C#, the project itself does work if the code you’re using is correct. I had to do a lot of troubleshooting/bug hunting, but I was able find my issues in the end. However, if Codecademy could provide error messages or some other kind of feedback when saving changes, I believe that would help immensely.

Basically, I discovered that if my changes weren’t displaying after a “Save”, then I had a bug in the code that I’d added just prior to that which was causing something to break and prevent the changes from displaying.

I can put together a blog post to show the code that I used to get the project to work if others would find that beneficial. And if I’m allowed to post a link to an outside resource like that here in the forum, of course.


If you’re still looking for help with getting this project working, I believe that I can be of some assistance. Please let me know.

For future readers:

  • when the app in the minibrowser stops updating to reflect changes Saved in the code editor, it indicates that there is an error within the code.
  • errors in the code prevent the application from being rebuilt when Save is pressed, meaning that the last successful (error-free) build persists in the minibrowser until all errors are cleared.
  • to check for build errors, run dotnet build in the terminal. resolving all errors presented will allow the application to build successfully again