ASP.NET Project - Resume Templater not real?

Hey guys,
First time posting here. I just had a quick question about this specific project in the ASP.NET Path, anyone else having trouble with their built in instance of the project? Mine kept crashing or saying there were too many instances.

Anyways, the real reason I wanted to post about this project was that I noticed the project was not highlighting my changes. I would experiment with asp net tag helpers and noticed my changes were not being displayed. It’s as if the project is a dummy project - The project is already made with pre determined data to give you the illusion that you are actually editing a real project but in reality this is not the case.

An example of this was the part where I would put in the

Hey, Eduardo. Welcome to the forums! Thanks for posting this. I’ve just reached out to Nick, the Curriculum Developer at Codecademy who authored this course, and he’ll be following up shortly to address your question and feedback. :slight_smile:

Looks like my text was cut off where I was explaining my example - An example of this was the part where I would put in the tag helpers in the select box to output the list correctly instead of having tons of different tags. I had put the wrong asp tag helpers on purpose only to find out the list is still outputting correctly even though I did the exercise wrong. It just seems like the project is not real since it looks like its being done correctly regardless of my own actions.

Yeah im having similar issues to this person, I keep seeing broken or blank pages and the whole course kinda seems like an unusable mess

@gigasolver77657 Yes seriously, thank you! It seems like this course isnt fully complete yet as there are no cheat sheets available for a good majority of the later subjects AND on the projects, there are no videos to help guide us if we get stuck…

Yes completely agree, the entire seems untested, bugs almost every exercise. Sometimes I get lucky and the page will display with updated information, but generally this course is just demotivating… I’ve tried contacting Codeacademy several times about this - still no response. Has anyone received a response or managed to find a solution to the broken/blank pages??

@seancollison95633891 I’ve actually just stopped taking it to be honest. the C# part was working fine but honestly it’s all on the console so its to be expected. I’m done trying to work on their environment, way too buggy for me but I did come up with a solution. I ended up creating my own projects using visual studio community or Rider IDE and literally create everything from scratch with the exact files that they had on the browser as well. Just a simple copy and paste as well as making sure everything is connected properly but it definitely works for me to do this outside the browser. You can see what classes, etc they are using when you click on the folder icon I believe. if you have any questions or need help to do this, def. let me know or maybe we could even connect through discord