[ASP.NET Databases - Data Models - 5. Wire EF Context to Project] Exercise Submission is Broken

Summary of the report

The final test of this project never submits, and therefore will never pass. It also never fails. The box remains gray.

I have tried the following steps to work around this:

  • Tried in both Chrome and Firefox
  • Loaded the solution code, exported to a gist, reset the project, and copied it back in

At this point I’m fairly certain there is something wrong with the exercise itself. This is pretty severe - essentially makes the exercise unsolvable, no fun for those of us who hate clicking the solution button.

Course URL:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Follow the instructions and complete the work
  2. The final test (Test #5) will never pass or fail, it just remains gray

Fix or Workaround

None. Only way to get by is to use “Give me the Solution”.