[ASP.NET Databases - Data Models - 5. Wire EF Context to Project] Exercise Submission is Broken

Summary of the report

The final test of this project never submits, and therefore will never pass. It also never fails. The box remains gray.

I have tried the following steps to work around this:

  • Tried in both Chrome and Firefox
  • Loaded the solution code, exported to a gist, reset the project, and copied it back in

At this point I’m fairly certain there is something wrong with the exercise itself. This is pretty severe - essentially makes the exercise unsolvable, no fun for those of us who hate clicking the solution button.

Course URL:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Follow the instructions and complete the work
  2. The final test (Test #5) will never pass or fail, it just remains gray

Fix or Workaround

None. Only way to get by is to use “Give me the Solution”.



I too have this problem, except the ‘Solution’ doesn’t work either :frowning:

Did anyone find a way around this?

Also experiencing this issue too. Have tried deleting db and re running the code but still no joy. Have also tried comparing solution to my code and there are no differences. This is blocking path progression

Just tried replacing my code with the solution code and that seems to have fixed it