Asking for feedback


Hi there-- I've written the code below, but it only prints the answer "I'll keep practicing coding and racing." I still get the "Way to go...etc.", but I can't tell if I'm doing something incorrectly or if there is a bug in the lesson.

var feedback = prompt ("Please rate the game from 1 to 10-- 1 being low and 10 being high");
if(prompt > 8) {
console.log("Thank you! We should race at the next concert!") }
else("I'll keep practicing coding and racing.");


Browser blocking the prompt?


tried it on chrome and safari, and the same thing happens


But do you get a prompt?
You can probably cheat by adding feedback = 8;


The cheat worked!
The lesson passed me on regardless of whether I rated the game more than or less than 8.


Well yeah, you overwrote it.

Anyway. Now I see your mistake. What value are you comparing to 8?


if(prompt > 8)
Change to
if(feedback > 8)


Hi, man. As I could see.. your assingments are completely wrong!

Put semi-colons after () on your console.log. And don't forget to use curly brackets after else estatementes, OK ?

I hope it works !!