Ask clarification Musician Dataset descriptive statistics and download code rmd

Dear coders,

Just wondering to ask a confermation whether the Musician Dataset that have been diplayed in the course work section Thinking about Data | Codecademy


is only a partial dataset and it does NOT represent the descriptive statistics of the table Job Title Categories that have been showed in the further section.

I am asking this because from my analysis, using the “Musician Dataset” that have been diplayed, I had different descriptive statistics and this is related to a different number of observations/musicians (100obs instead of 958obs of your table).

Besides, I have just noticed that it is possible to download the code in Rmd format of the dataset (localhost:8000/notebook.nb.html) but however it is not possible to have access to the file (=entire dataset) musictest.csv.

Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your clarification.


If you’ve found a bug in a course, you can report it here:

Thanks for your advies! Just forwarded the issue to the link that you have me sugggested.

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Just a short update that the issue has been solved. From the link you had forwarded me , I had the confermation that what it is displayed is not the full dataset as it is too large to dispayed. To have access to the entire dataset, just forward the request to the link that you had address me!

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