Ask an Instructor: Jumpstart Your Career in Tech


Are you considering one of the many careers in tech? Maybe you’re switching from an entirely unrelated field or you’re a university student just getting started. Either way, you’ll want to join us for this AMA-style conversation with Codecademy’s very own instructors, Alisha, Ada, Melanie, Alex, Hisham, and Adam.

So how is this going to work? We will unlock this designated forum thread at 1 pm EST on October 19th. You’ll be able to post your career-development questions in the thread from 1pm until the thread closes at 2:00pm. EST.

“What kind of questions?” you ask.

How about:

-What should I put on my LinkedIn profile?

-What kind of projects should I showcase?

-Do completion certificates really matter?


is tihs webinar only available for paid subscribers? I’m not seeing a link to view the webinar.

Welcome to our “Ask an Instructor” series!

A few ground rules:

-Stay on topic. Our instructors will be discussing how to jumpstart your career in tech. Any account-specific questions such as billing questions should be sent to our customer support team .

-Be patient. Our instructors will be taking it in turns to answer your questions, and it may take them a moment to craft a detailed, helpful response to some of your questions. If your question has not been answered yet, please don’t clutter the thread by repeating the question. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

-Be kind. Learners are all at different stages of their learning journeys. What may seem obvious to a more experienced coder may be completely new territory to someone just starting out.

Without further ado, I’m thrilled to welcome @hishamtouma1, @alishagrama , @adamorse, @melaniepwilliams , and @adamh1991 .

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Hey there!

You’re in the right place. Our curriculum team is online and standing by to answer your questions, so feel free to drop them right here in the thread.



I am here waiting :heart::heart:

zoom isnt working or i dont see the link

You’ve come to the right place, write your question here!

Hey y’all! There is no zoom link.

The AMA is right here on the forums, and our team is ready to answer your questions.

Reply to this thread with your questions, and our team will respond. =)

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I was expecting a meeting to be quite frank…just for the sake of interactivity…dotting everything down is just different

I do have a question about the questions, lol. Is it just anything related to a career in tech? Like for example which degree to choose, what career path is best for a particular person, are those what we’re supposed to ask?

I am doing my graduation project now and i will submit it after 8 months, any tips?

Topic:system to minimise effort for registration and tabling the courses with conflict for students at universities.
SaaS project

Thanks for offering to answer questions. Would you mind sharing how all of you found your careers?


I just started my coding journey as a full-stack developer.

When should I start looking to apply for jobs? Once I 100% completed the full stack engineer course?

What kind of projects should I create to increase my chances of landing a position?


Hello! Yes it can be wide ranging.

I would say asking questions about how you can best use Codecademy towards career goals would be really helpful, as we have a good deal of expertise around learning and the catalog.

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This is the first codecademy meeting I’m actually attending, but are codecademy meetings normally or always via threads like this?

Hey! I can speak for myself here, I have a degree in CS from college but realized that I love being a teaching assistant and helping educate was my favorite part of computer science, so EdTech was a great middle area between the two

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Hi! Congrats on approaching graduation :slight_smile: There’s a couple pieces that go into something like this – could you be more specific about tooling and process so far?

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Well, my most pressing question I guess is what are the most useful skills required for a full-stack developer, because I’ve gone around looking for a definitive answer, but so many things get mentioned that I’m always unsure which are the actual general skills one would need. (I heard mention of a codeacademy track for it? But I’m still relatively new to codeacademy, so unsure how to look for it)