Ask an Instructor: Jumpstart Your Career in Tech


Are you considering one of the many careers in tech? Maybe you’re switching from an entirely unrelated field or you’re a university student just getting started. Either way, you’ll want to join us for this AMA-style conversation with Codecademy’s very own instructors, Alisha, Ada, Melanie, Alex, Hisham, and Adam.

Welcome, everyone! We’re excited to have the curriculum team here to answer your questions about jumpstarting your career in tech.

Drop your questions in this thread, and our team will jump in with responses.

A few ground rules:

-Stay on topic. Our instructors will be discussing how to jumpstart your career in tech. Any account-specific questions such as billing questions should be sent to our customer support team .

-Be patient. Our instructors will be taking it in turns to answer your questions, and it may take them a moment to craft a detailed, helpful response to some of your questions. If your question has not been answered yet, please don’t clutter the thread by repeating the question. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

-Be kind. Learners are all at different stages of their learning journeys. What may seem obvious to a more experienced coder may be completely new territory to someone just starting out.

Without further ado, I’m thrilled to welcome @adamorse, @adamh1991 , @hishamtouma1 , @melaniepwilliams , @alishagrama , and @adistasicc !

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Hi, where do I join?


What are the skills or techniques that top SWEs have?

Right here! Just drop your question, and one of our team members will respond. =)


how do I indicate I mean to join? I see names being welcomed. How did they do that?

I’m moving from a 10+ year career in education to tech (Doing Full stack dev course atm). Would you recommend aiming for an internship first or can you aim straight for junior developer roles once finished the bootcamp?

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Is it necessary to have a PhD in order to work as a Researcher at a tech company? For example, for Data Science field.

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The welcome message usually indicates it’s someone’s first time posting here in the community. Otherwise, you’re here! Just drop your questions in the thread and our team will answer. =)

Hi! While PhDs will always look great on a resume, there are usually research positions at all levels.


Hey, first of all, good for you for taking the plunge! I think it really depends on the nature of the opportunity and financial considerations that you are making. You are likely going to have more stability and salary with a junior developer role, but the right internship at a major company could open up better long-term opportunities. I would also recommend exploring freelance opportunities, as that is another great way to begin building out a professional portfolio, supplement your income, and put you in a position to get those opportunities you are looking for.

Hi there! Great question - I think a good SWE juggles a lot of skills including problem solving, time management, communication, programming, and collaboration

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Do you guys help your premium members get placed as Data Scientists?

Hi. I’m currently doing the Full-Stack Engineering career path on Codecademy, and I’m close to wrapping up the Web Development course/module. When interacting on the forums, I see a lot of users reference/link Git/GitHub, but I’m not yet sure how to thoroughly use it. Could you please share link or platform that can give me a full run-down of how to make thorough use of it. I also have it downloaded on my Windows PC.

Thanks for answering! Yep, I’m kind of thinking a good internship could also give me a bit more guidance at this early stage. However, there don’t seem to be many out there!

Hi. I’ve been out of tech for years. Not sure if I want it to just be a hobby now, or useful for a job role in future. Where’s the best place to start when I’m not entirely sure where I want to end up…

Hi everyone!

I just graduated from a Data Science bootcamp and completed a few courses on Codecademy. I find hard to find a job without experience (and I have a very different background, so my previous experience won’t help me), do you have any tips? What kind of projects for beginners on GitHub I can contribute to? Which jobs do you recommend to apply for?

Thank you so much :blush:


Hi there! I highly suggest taking a look at our Learn Git & Github course to get familiar with Github. We also have a Learn Github Copilot course coming out soon!