ASCII Portfolio

Why isn’t ASCII Portfolio codecademy Git project allowing me to commit? I have been trying to commit in different ways since the walk-through video method did not work, but as you can see the same error is flagged each time. What am I missing? I am new to git.

I’m not sure how it got ticked off but it looks like step 3 may have been missed as there are no staged changes. If you git add house.txt or whatever changes were made to the working directory and then make your commit you should be able to progress.

git status would show a summary how your working directory differs from the staging index and last commit if you wanted to see them before using git add.

May be worth adding a link to the project too (especially if this doesn’t work), I’m not sure what the order of these tasks are.

Thanks for this, all seems to be working now. (Is one of those manual ticking projects so I must have ticked for git add but not added it in the terminal section!) and thanks again for the tip!

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