As web developer, do you need to memorize everything?

I just recently learned HTML and before I move on to CSS and Javascript, I wanna see if I’m able to do it from memory. I tried and always had to look back on my notes and previous lessons. And that’s only with HTML. The more when I get into CSS and Javascript. Will that be a problem when i start applying for work as a web developer?


Hey dude, I don’t think it’s about being able to memorise code but instead about recognising the fundamentals you’ll learn on the way which will help.

Hopefully, that helps you out!


Sometimes in interviews you may get code tests that you do to prove your knowledge, but honestly that’s about the extent of a need for memorisation. I firmly believe that someone that knows the fundamentals and is good at googling would outperform someone with great memory but lacks the fundamentals every time.

You will memorise some syntax as time goes on and you practise more, but you cannot remember everything. It’s more important to understand what you want to accomplish, as this will give you the tools to seek the answer to your questions. Focus on being sure you understand the task required, and use google/notes as liberally as possible.

I mean, sometimes I’ll just copy and paste code wholesale from previous projects of mine, because when something already works why try to reinvent the wheel? As long as you understand what it does, then memorisation of code isn’t as important. Not to mention that you will not know even close to all possible syntax currently, especially in CSS. There are so many small, niche case properties you can use it’s not possible to memorise them all, so you learn a lot just my googling answers to your problems!


I find the more you do, the easier it gets, and the more you’ll remember. But, more importantly, as afrotech96 says, you get a better grip of what you need to do. So, while you still might keep googling stuff, your searches become more refined or your just checking details.

But, remember, places like Stackoverflow exist for a reason. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

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Like @adamgaffney96 and @afrotech96 are saying you can refer back to notes. You should be able to read code just fine without needing to look up a lot of syntaxes. Also, there is documentation for web development such as MDN Web Docs in case you forget something or need to learn something…

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