[Article] Planning your programming project

Once you select your project, you will want to plan out how to approach it. This planning phase will be enormously helpful to you as you go along. Think of it like writing an outline for an essay before you write the actual essay. Plan out your code by using your algorithmic thinking skills and breaking down each part of your program into specific functions, and then write the code for each of those functions. Take a look at this sample plan from Code Conquest:

“For example, a translation game would require the following functions: a function to add a word and its translation to their respective arrays a function to call function 1 on each word a function to load a word onto the screen a function to fire when the user’s input is correct a function to fire when the user’s input is incorrect a function to determine whether to fire function 4 or function 5” Then, you can write each function separately and better schedule how long it will take to write the entire program.

For more guidance on planning, review these articles:

A special thank you to Codecademy Product Manager, @oduffy, for compiling these resources!

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