[Article] Giving and receiving code review

My name is Gemma. I am also doing the front end engineer career path. I’m 16% of the way through.
Time zone: LON GMT+1 *
Fun fact addicted to greek retelling’s. So if you haven’t found someone to review for you already?

Hey everyone :slight_smile: Is anyone else seeking a code review? #help_a_n00b

Hello, My name is Raivis. Message me if you are also looking for code review pair. :slight_smile:

Lots of good resources here!

Hello this is Toni from Greece (GMT +3) I’m 28% of the way through. Maybe we can review each other. Fun fact: I take acting classes

Heelo, my name is Mustapha. I live in chicago, USA. I am 38% through the Data science foundations and would love a code review partner who I can discuss these topics with. Let me know if interested. Fun Fact: I love to write poetry.

Hello Raivis, My name is Mustapha. Are you also taking the data science path, and where is your location and timezone?

Hello Peregrine, My name is Mustapha. I am also taking the Data science Foundations and I am 38% through. I am interested in finding a code review partner so i can get better at it and more motivated.

Hello Mustapha, I’m also looking for a code reviewer. I’m located in Mexico city, so we have similar timezone.

Drop me a messages if you would like to work together.

Hello Guille, I’m Isabel and I’m looking for a code reviewer, send me a message if you are interested. I live in Spain but I can adapt to your schedule :slight_smile:

HI, my Name is Ngozi, from Nigeria, I am 45% through with full stack web dev. I am looking for a code review partner.

I’m Daniel from Nigeria. i’m learning front-end engineering and will to have you as a review partner.

Hi, Daniel,
I’m happy to hear from you. I’m glad. How do we proceed from here. How far have you gone with the course

i’m 12% through just started mid last month… i,m in improved css styling

Hi, my name is Hamza , I’m from Mombasa - Kenya and I’m taking the front end engineer career path.
12% completed too
are you still looking for a code review partner?

Yeah I’m still looking for a code review partner

I think you should go with Hamza.

Are you not interested?

HI, Hamza is at 12%, same as you. If you review code for each other, it will be more productive for both of you.