Article and Section

Are the <article>, <section>, <header>, <main>, <footer> etc tags only used for the code’s better understanding?

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You’ll notice that I’ve edited your post slightly so that the HTML tags you entered are shown in the post. Feel free to click the edit icon to see how I did it. :slight_smile:

Each of the tags you mention are broadly the same as a <div> tag, in that they’re used to group other elements together.

The advantages of using semantic tags over a plain <div> are:

  • The tag on its own conveys contextual information about the content within it. For example, if you saw a <footer> tag in an HTML document you would assume “Oh, that’s the page footer - that’ll be at the bottom”; likewise if you saw <main> you’d think “Ok, that’s where the bulk of the content is”. These tags make it easier to understand what their content is.

  • Semantic tags are also beneficial for screen readers for the reasons above; a screen reader isn’t going to distinguish between multiple <div>s because they’re all the same tag. Using an appropriate semantic tag makes it easier to know where your key content is, and what is less important.