Arrow function

Hi , i have learned from the course that arrow function with one parameter, we don’t need to use parentheses.
so I am a bit confuse for the practice below :

Which of the following is NOT a properly written arrow function?

let nameLogger = (name) => { console.log(Hi, my name is ${name}.); }

let phraseSplit = phrase => phrase.split(" ")

let multiply = (x, y) => x * y

let fileName = function(x) => console.log(File name is ${x});

so way still in the first answer ( that I was thinking it is wrong as we have parentheses with one parameter )

thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

we don’t have to, there is a difference there. Omitting the parentheses for a single parameter is just a shorthand. We can still use parentheses:

() => {}
(param) => {}
(one, two) => {}

all of theses are valid.

Great , you make it clear for me know , Thank you !