Arrays and Objects in JS | .12 (Help)

var object1 = new Object();
    me["name"] = "Jordin";
    me["age"] = 16;
var object2 = new Object();
    you["state"] = "?";
    you["ZIP"] = "!";
var object3= new Object();
    them["address"] = "&";
    them["password"] = "#";

Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Knowing me, probably a simple mistake that anyone else can see but I happen to overlook


It is important to maintain integrity of our variables. The first object has variable name, object1, so we need to use that name when assigning properties:

object1['name'] = "Jordin";
object1['age'] = 16

The same applies to the other two objects.

This exercise asks for three objects so that we can have some practice with all three approaches, constructor, bracket and dot notation, and literal:

object1 = new Object();
object1['name'] = "Jordin";
object1['age'] = 16;

object2 = {}; = "Jordin";
object2.age = 16;

object3 = {
    name: "Jordin",
    age: 16


Thank you for your help. I've been stuck on that one for a few hours now, so I really appreciate it. Keep doin' what you do!