Array with multiple conditions?

I’m trying to implement a new rule in Stripe that will send fraud to review instead of disputes. I’m trying to add an array with multiple conditions but do not know the correct format for adding more than one condition in an array.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m working on:

On the left, you can see the rule I started writing.
On the right, under “fraud_type” you can see the list of conditions? (red text) starting with ‘card_never_received’ - which all need to be added as separate conditions in the rule.

Additionally, I thought about making the rule more simple if Stripe would allow it:

Review if :early_fraud_warning: = ‘true’

Not sure if that would work or not - just wanted to get some thoughts /feedback before I went ahead and started messing around with things.

Here’s a link to Stripe’s Rules Reference. It may help make sense of the limits and goals of the rule I’m trying to write:

It appears you want a rule to review the payment if any of the available fraud types are true. I have zero experience with, but one of these rules might work:

Review if :fraud_type

This would trigger a review if :fraud_type has any ‘truthy’ value. I just don’t know if the syntax would be accepted by the Stripe rule maker.

Review if :fraud_type: != ''

This would trigger the review process if the variable :fraud_type has any value other than an empty string. Again, I don’t know what syntax will be accepted.

If neither of those work, you might be able to do this:

Review if :fraud_type = 'card_never_received' or :fraud_type = 'fraudulent_card_application' or :fraud_type = 'made_with_counterfeit_card' or #etc..

In actuality, that last method isn’t much shorter than just typing a separate rule for each possible value of :fraud_type:

Review if :fraud_type = 'card_never_received'
Review if :fraud_type = 'fraudulent_card_application' 

Good luck!


Hi Midlindner,

Thanks for the feedback! It turns out that I needed to set up webhooks - but your answer helped me think through things well enough to figure out what I needed to do.