Array exercise Problem


Hi I lose the codes of the exercise and now I need to recheck it. Can you please tell me what s=are the codes of ‘Looping by hand’ exercise. My codes are following but they are incorrect.

var vacationSpots = [‘London’, ‘Pairas’, ‘Calgary’];



I need to write them in separate line.


Hi @codemaster97099,

You mean to print in this order?


To access ‘London’ in the array, you need to write vacationSpots[0] where 0 is the first index position in the array.

To print, you need to use console.log


The new Introduction to JS by Code Academy is way too easy. The older Intro to CS by CodeAcademy was a lot more challenging it took average of atleast 4 weeks. This intro to CS can be finished in 1 - 2 days; way too easy.

Maybe because I already know Computer Science?

For your code, you need to get rid of the equal sign. This finds the position of the array. If array[0] means it is at first position, if its array[1] its second position … The equal makes the [bracket Number] by it self, so it can’t find an array position in the log to the console of the variable.


Hi @kevin20000k,

I can’t find what you mentioned about older Intro to CS by CodeAcademy? or did you mean intro to JS?

If it’s easy, then good for you. :wink:
Some users are still struggling with part of the exercises, syntax or concept-wise.

True that. However, without any mention of getting rid the .listItem after the vacationSpots where it should be vacationSpots[0], will send confusion to new beginners.

I don’t understand where .listItem came from to begin with. It’s not a method written for the code above.


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