Array called list


Create an array called list in the editor. It can contain any data you want! Make sure it has at least three elements.

var vec = ["candy", "chocolate", 3];

Why not work it?


I haven't gone to look at the exercise, but if it is really asking you to create an array called list, you have not done that yet.


But, what is different at the array called list?


There is a code checker running, and one of its checks is likely to see if you have made an array with the name list.


If you give me the link to the exercise, I'll have a look at it.


Is the first lesson from array and objects in js....I wrote the array called list in many ways but it gives me error: Oops, try again. Did you remember to declare an array called list?


var list = ["candy", "chocolate", 3];

That works for me, did you try that already?


Yes, I trying but don't work and I don't know why!


Could you give me a screen shot of your code and the error that you are seeing?




You still have

var vec

change that to

var list


Now it works. Thank you very much!