Array 2D


var newArray = [[7,2],['age:42']];

don't know why it is not passing


It would help if we could read the instructions for this exercise. That is where a link to the page comes in very handy when asking for help.

How many rows is your array expected to have? Think of each array inside as a row.


it contains 2 rows

Make an array called newArray. It should be 2D (that is, it should contain two elements that, in turn, are arrays) and jagged (those two arrays should be of different lengths, like in the example above).
The ultimate kicker? Make one of your inner arrays contain an object!


The SCT might be seeing that as two items (we know it is only one). The object literal syntax could be throwing it off. Try maybe with either three numbers, strings, or even objects so the count is different.

[{age: 42}, {size: 'huge'}, {color: 'green'}]


var newArray = [["age:42"], [1,2,3]]; I did this but its still not working


Is this lesson 5, 6 or 7? (That is why I asked for a link so I didn't have to dig and guess.)



The ultimate kicker? Make one of your inner arrays contain an object!

"age: 42" is not an object, which is what I was hinting at earlier. Check the earlier example of what an object should look like.


I did that for the previous task and it worked


Maybe, but this time the lesson checker is being more thorough. Write the object using the correct syntax.


for this task I have done this ar myObject = {
name: 'Eduardo',
type: 'Most excellent',
// Add your code here!
interest: ["name"];


This is a different lesson with a different objective. Just follow the instructions as given and it will all work out.