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The error message is saying that I have to make the border-radius a sixth of $width despite the exersize from the left is telling me to make it 1/30th.

This is what I wrote: 

$width: 250px;
$lagoon-blue: fade-out(#62fdca, 0.5);

.math {
  width: $width;
  text-align: center;
  color: red + blue;
  background-color: $lagoon-blue;
  border-radius:  $width/30;
  height: $width/6;
  line-height: $width/30;

Trouble still here, no solution

Help, I wrote the same and it's also saying the same thing. Help please!


Submit with different browser .


submitting with another browser is no solution. I have the same trouble and there is no way to solve. even if I try to restart the exercise, or to get code, I get "could not restore workspace".
I've checked my code many times. No way. Think it's a bug. The worst is that if you don't solve it you cannot continue with the following exercises and complete the course, and this is very frustrating, especially if you paid for a pro-subscription.


The same with me - I've stuck at this task and cannot continue learning (with my Pro subscription).
I've tried to pass it with 3 different browsers (FF, IE, Chrome) and on 3 different machines (2x W10 and one Linux Mint). So the bug is general, not connected with browser or OS.


I had the same problem in Firefox 52.0 (beta) on Debian, but with Chromium I got through the exercise. It's a bit disappointing that an up-to-date Firefox isn't supported so well.

@valerjius: You have a few script and ad blockers enabled. Maybe try again with a clean browser session?


I am having the same problem. It will not accept my answer or even respond on some runs. When I press get code it tells me it could not restore the workspace.

Unfortunately I don't have multiple computers or browsers to try this on until it works.


......but with the same scripts and adblockers I got through most of the other courses..


I worked, I wrote the same.


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