Hi! So I am making a portfolio website and I have a question regarding the aria-labels.

I have a simple navigation bar and inside there are three items.

HOME Client's Logo Menu

I have put the aria-label on the the nav calling it navigation.


  • Is this even useful or is it just redundant?
  • Should there be labels on each of the links? or just having them on top-level navigation a good practice?


Hi there,

Are your navigational links nested within a <nav> element? If so, that would be redundant. On the other hand, if your navigational links are vague, you could always use the title attribute to make them more descriptive. But if your only navigational options are home, clients, and menu–it’s not necessary.

Here’s a good post on Stackoverflow about aria-label: What is aria-label and how should I use it?

Hope this helps, and happy coding!

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