Area of a shape

Hey so my question is about the finding the area of a shape debugging exercise. It says that the code is not calculating the area of one of the shapes correctly, but I’ve tried inputting multiple different input values (.i.e length and width of a rectangle and radius of a circle) for every shape and they all seem to be calculating the correct answer. I even double checked with Google, which allows you to input values to get the areas of circles, triangles, and rectangles and they all seem to be correct. I even tried clicking the “Give me the solution button”, but the code looks exactly the same as what I started with. Maybe it’s a small detail that I’m just not seeing.

But I can’t debug the error if I don’t see any incorrect answers being output (unless it’s an incorrect output for some that I haven’t tried yet). The only issue I can think of is that the answer for the area of a triangle is given as an int value when it could be a double since the area of a triangle is (base * height) * 1/2 and so wouldn’t be a whole number in many cases. Here’s the link to the exercise:

Just change the calculation of the area of triangle from 2 to 0.5 according to the equation!