Area Calculator Project


I am doing the Python 2 course and currently I am stuck on the Area Calculator project. It is giving me a syantax error on the ‘:’ for the if statement, however I cannot see a reason why. I have gone through the get unstuck section and connot see the reason. I also noticed that the float(raw_input are both in white however in the unstuck video one is white and the other is red, not sure this has anything to do with the error.

Double-check what you have on line 3. Usually when that many errors come up and you’ve checked that your syntax is correct, something has gone wrong on a previous line.


Do your brackets all add up on line 3?

If you post the entire code we can help. Otherwise we don’t know if the error is off screen there.

Seems enough code is visible to spot a bug.

THanks! It was the brackets, that fixed the problem.

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Thanks, the error was on line three there was only one closing bracket. Thanks for the contribution, it was helpful!

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