AREA CALCULATOR ERROR:Not sure why i keep getting an error, someone help please


This is my program below, and this is the error i keep getting**
File “”, line 13
elif option == ‘T’:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
this is the link to the exercise:

program promts user for a shape, calculates the area of the shape then prints the area for the user
print 'program is running'
option=raw_input('what shape do you choose? C or T: ')

if option == 'C':
  radius=float(raw_input('what is the radius: '))
print 'the area is ' +str(area)

elif option == 'T':
  base=float(raw_input('what is the length of the 	base?: '))
  height=float(raw_input('what is the height of the triangle?: '))
print 'the area is '+str(area)

  print 'you have entered an invalid shape'


Two print statements are not indented to match the block that contains them.