Are they ever going to add C# at Codecademy?

Hi, i’m a coder just like you! I wanted to learn code for creating games, i’m pretty sure all of us do :slight_smile: The languages here are powerful, flexible and interactive! But i wanted to learn more than that, i wanted to learn C#, obviously it’s not here!

I just want to learn something that can create huge games, all of the languages here are website languages and for god’s sake when was the last time a skill language was added?

I thought this website had C# that’s why i joined, I still love coding because of how fun it is and all! But creating games using more powerful languages would be really cool!

I know there are powerful languages here like Python but i don’t think i want to learn Python you know? Anyone agree with me? Yes?

we do have a course poll where you can vote for new courses

But don’t expect a c# course anytime soon, and realize that creating games (and learning it) takes years. C# you can learn, and then unity game engine, or you can learn c++? C++ is used for many AAA games (gta5, and sure many more)

Okay, i don’t have any problem learning code for years! Because it’s fun :smile: