Are there video walk throughs for the entire course?


Hey everyone,

Reading through the documentation on this screen for hours is absolutely exhausting. My question is:

Are there video walk throughs for every course that’s offered on Codecademy?

I see that Youtube has an “Unlisted” section and I’m not sure if it lives there. The content is great, but reading the screen for that long is not a good experience so I’m already aware of the Codecademy YouTube channel and there’s a FEW people that walk through every course/section via a video - but rifling through YouTube just to land on people aiming to promote other things is absolutely exhausting as well haha.

Are there video walkthroughs for all of these courses? I’m aiming to tackle the HTML, CSS & Github pages as well as Javascript and Python. I’m more doing this for the certificate of completion than anything cause crash courses on this stuff is sufficient in this open source world! Just let me know. Thanks so much.

One major skill of learning to program is learning to read documentation. I think that’s one reason why CC has not provided any full course walkthrough video (although there may be one hiding somewhere)…


I wouldn’t consider that a skill… all of this software is a made by non profit organizations and monetized by corporations and the documentation that’s produced is excessively extensive by design; for people to become frustrated and buy. The reality is that the best machines on planet earth interpret images on a massive scale. Kinda like the human mind haha. Plus, the screen causes eye strain and computer vision syndrome. Please just make videos.

What software?

I would consider the ability to read, understand, and use coding documentation an extremely valuable skill. I personally don’t care for walk-through videos. Most people are capable of following along with a video, and copying the instructor. I wouldn’t call that coding, or even learning necessarily. It might help a person who is hopelessly stuck, but unless the time is taken to understand how and why everything works, no learning has occurred. That’s just my opinion.

If you’d like to start a new topic in the Community - Suggestions; Feature and Course Requests category, perhaps you can persuade others to vote for your topic, and effect the change you desire.


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