Are there plans to support resetting javascript course

As there seems to be no easy way to contact support by any means I will direct my question to the community as a whole.

Is there a way to reset the entire course of the javascript course or plans to implement such a feature. I realize this would likely mean a rewrite of the course mechanics but asking people to create a secondary account is unacceptable. This places the user at higher risk in case the server were hacked and user account information is compromised. Along with the lack of direct contact with the company that hosts this service I would not be comfortable providing my information twice.

NOTE: I know that you can go into each lesson hit reset then save and do a sudo-reset however the continue functionality is lost and you will have to write down every step you have completed.

Hi Josh,

It sounds like you’ve already read this:

As you have already discovered, there is no way to reset progress in any of the six remaining old courses in one go. As these old courses are rewritten, they will acquire this feature. I have heard no definite timeline for this process.

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