Are there different categories in Web Development?

I am very curious to see what route most people go with development. Meaning in what category they choose to work in? I am currently working as a full stack developer.


Guys someone knw to wht categories come ASP. framework? I knw they using C# and it also can to be in front-end, but where else this technologies can to be?

ASP.Net can be full-stack or just back-end.

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Thank you for making it sound so simple to us beginners.

First of all thanks a lot for sharing these information here. Well, I also search about it on the Google and I would also like to give my opinion on this which could help for someone.

web development is a vast and ever-evolving field, with different categories that involve various technologies, tools, and programming languages. Front-end development focuses on creating the user interface and visual elements of a website or web application, while back-end development involves building the logic and functionality of a website or web application using server-side technologies.

Full-stack developers are skilled in both front-end and back-end development, while mobile development involves building mobile applications using web technologies or native programming languages.

E-commerce development, CMS development, and web design are other specialized categories in web development that require specific skills and expertise.

With the growing demand for web applications and online services, the need for skilled web developers continues to increase, making web development an exciting and promising career path.

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Awesome! In a couple of paragraphs, you explained everything so concisely and precisely. :laughing:

It is a good summary of the categories that exist for web development.

That’s a great explanation of the different web development categories.

Straight to the point - and on point ! Kudos! :clap:

Given the fact how web development continues to grow and develop, it’s important to think green hosting and web development and accessibility into these categories, given the fact most beginners probably doesnt know about this. It’s not really categories for themselves as an engineer, but it’s still pretty important to know of these things in 2023 as an engineer :smile:

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Excellent. But instead of starting with the full-stack path, I prefer to do it step by step and start with the front, and then the back-end.

cant wait to learn more

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My plan is to take ALL THREE of them here at Codecademy. Can’t learn too much. :sunglasses:

I have already learned aspects of HTML and CSS. Still more to learn as I look at Javascript. I think at this point I am more interested in front-end development but I might explore back-end in time too, especially with Java which I think is easier to learn than Python. I think any skills in web development are useful because then I can create my own website and don’t have to depend on others to do that task for me.

Full-stack. Thank you