Are there bugs on this site?


Hello. This is quite unfortunate, because I've been enjoying the experience so far, and am considering paying for a month or two of the "Pro" extras, to practise more thoroughly, once I've finished going through all the free stuff. And if I think that there are a lot of bugs here, I might not feel like doing it :smirk: So I guess I'm trying to help you guys make a living here, which you do deserve to do, for all the effort involved.

The particular bug (I think) I'm looking at right now is here on sections 3.4 and 3.5 of the Ruby. Unless I'm being really stupid and missing something, it looks like the .include? and .gsub! methods are not properly set up. Well anyway, my screen looks like this, not accepting include?:

and I have one with the same message for .gsub! , but your forum doesn't let me put more than one image.

I hope that it's me missing something stupid, but if not y'all need to take a good look. There was something similar on the Python tutorials, on the file input/output section, where the .txt file wasn't present. Take a look!


No bug. It is your code. Run it again, but this time be sure to include at least one ujppercase letter in your input.

The problem you experienced was because user_input was nil and nil does not have an include? method.

The nil came from .downcase! when your input was all lowercase. If you want to be able to input any case, use, .downcase.


Oh Kay. Thanks. That works now.

So is it that the exclamation mark makes the input nil if there is actually nothing for the method to do? Hmmmm, that's not obvious to the beginner, and I'd say is the kind of thing that could probably do with a bit more clarification on the page itself, in the instructions, I suppose.

I'm a little unclear about why we need to put the exclamation mark at this stage of the learning if the algorithm actually works fine without it for strings with or without upper case. But maybe that will become clear later.


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