Are there any other commonly used SQL commands?


In the context of this lesson, are there any other commonly used SQL commands?


The SQL commands covered in this lesson are probably the most common ones you will encounter or need to use when working with tables. Other available commands are more situational and not as commonly used.

One such command is DROP TABLE, which you can use to permanently remove a table from a database. Deleting tables is generally not a frequent occurrence, so you might only use this once in a while. Other commands, such as ANALYZE, which is used to obtain statistics about a table, are also not as common and you might only use them in certain situations.

For a full list of all the commands provided by SQLite, which is used in the Codecademy courses, you can check out the official documentation.


On which websiite i can check ofifcial documentation of SQlite?


but you should be able to find that using google? projects like sqlite have there own website (which should be easy to find), from there there is often a link to the documentation


Yes, but keeping the documentation within the faqs is the whole point of faqs. You probably could google the answer to this question as well…


DROP TABLE may be quite frequently used if we create a new table in JavaScript, as exemplified in this lesson on Node-SQLite.

Here are various commonly used SQL commands:
And this is a very exhaustive SQL cheatsheet:


Link to the list of SQL Commands is attached here which is an article of Codecademy: