Are the lessons down?

Trying to do the free CSS courses but no code is present in the exercises even when it’s clear there should be some. The page on the right that shows the result of the html and css just loads a blank page. Yesterday was the same.

Hello @sembregall! Welcome to the forum. Could you post a link to the specific lesson where you first noticed the problem?


Of course, and thank you for your assistance.

I’m doing Learn CSS. On the “CSS SETUP AND SELECTORS” bit, the step about Multiple classes (8 i believe). None of the code loads nor the example page. So for instance it’s instructing me to “Navigate to index.html . On line 11, there is a…” but there’s nothing in either style.css or index.html.

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Thanks for that. I’ll check it out.

Well it’s fixed for me now. When I went to fetch the link I tried to use the reset button again and it worked. I had tried it yesterday and it didn’t at that time. Maybe there was maintenance or something and it got stuck like that. Just glad I can carry on. Thanks anyway for replying! I probably wouldn’t have gone back to try it on my own.


Ok. Glad it’s working. I was tying to replicate your problem, but without success. :slightly_smiling_face: