Are the Career Paths and Skill Paths courses related?

Hi all,

I’m currently working on the Data Science Career Path and I’m starting to think ahead.

I’ve seen some interesting Skill Paths I could take, such as ‘Analyze Data with Python’ and ‘Analyze Data with SQL’. However, these topics are widely covered by the Data Science Career Path.

Now, my question is whether they Skill Paths and the Career Paths align with each other. In other words, if I’ve finished the Data Science Career Path, is it useful for me to start a similar Skill Path?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there!

If you’re already in the career path, I like to think of the related skill paths as optional, but useful (it’s usually never not useful). There will be times in the career path where you notice that there is a necessity for you to deepen your focus on a particular thing that unsettles you (maybe you want more exercise with lambda functions, or more practice with different SQL scenarios).

The career path is a generalized approximation of the most vital sets of core ideas you might need, but you can and should take pit stops and assess what you need. If you’re already studying like this, often times the information you learn along the way will already go far and above what some modules of the skill paths offer.

But keep your ears to the ground! You might find that you really want/need to study something like R which is a very important tool in data science. It really does depend on what you envision as the goals of your study!


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