Are JavaScript and Python Similar

I realized some of JavaScript and Python are similar in ways. Do they come from the same company or programmer or is it just a coincidence.

If you look at how variables are set up in each and how console.log() in JavaScript seems to do the same thing as print in Python.

They’re both OOP languages. No, they weren’t created by the same person. The syntax is different between them amongst other things. Though, I’m not a JS expert. :slight_smile:


They come from the same C “family” of languages very roughly. Javascript’s origins lie in early Netscape history and trying to work with Java (though it has since moved on to other better things…). It was famously designed in 10 days…

Python I think was inspired by more pedagogical languages like “ABC”.

Because javascript is always online and has to deal with backwards compatibility, it’s much harder to completely remove or change aspects of the language. Which is why it feels like it allows you to try anything without throwing too much of an error.

Python in comparison has much tighter update cycles that phase out old ideas that they want to get rid of.

Here’s a great interview with the designer of javascript:

And one with the founder of python: Guido van Rossum: Python | Lex Fridman Podcast #6 - YouTube


Thank you very much. I felt it was similar to Python but I never knew they were both OOP languages before.

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