Are HTML comments ignored by Screen Readers?

Since it is good practice to leave alt-text for images for users who require screen readers, are html comments ignored by Screen Readers?. I know the browser ignored comments, but do screen readers also ignore them?

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Yes, they are. Comments are for yourself and other developers on the project. This way, other developers know what certain code is suppose to do. Or even for yourself, if you ever have to make change to an existing code base after a long time

The trick is to write as much “self-explaining” code as possible, where looking at the code it quickly becomes clear what the code is suppose to do

Placing too much/obvious comments can actual obstruct code readability.

Yes, HTML comments are ignored. Same applies to search engines.

Comments will only be seen (or heard) if the user looks at the source code for the page, but anyone CAN use ‘View Source’ and see all the html, css, and front end js code, so remember not to hide any sensitive information in your comments.