Are chatbots Python only?

I want to build a chatbot, but am not super interested in learning Python. Could I make a chatbot using C++ or something?

The question now would be, how well versed are you in C++?

Ummm, OK I guess? I just wanted to know if it was possible 'cause the only section for chatbots on the forums was a Python one.

That may be the only course, but it is not indicative of being the only language. Any language can be used to write a chatbot. Pick the one you are most comfortable with and learn to write APIs.

If we are to assume that you may well be a complete newbie, you might find Python a lot friendlier to learn than C++. That at least would give you some foundation in working with HTTP, database scripting, etc…

I got into C++ because I told my dad that I wanted to make video games, not just play Terraria all day, and he said I could try learning C++. Are you saying that I souldn’t learn C++ or that I should have started with something different?

Not at all. If you are committed and willing to put in the time then pour yourself into C. It is a steep, uphill climb, though, and probably not the easiest way to learn basic programming concepts. Python is a perfect entry level candidate to start you off. Having that in your pocket will make learning C a smoother prospect.

I’ve learned JS (sort of) on Khan Academy and done your Basics of programing lesson. Is that enogh? I have also alredy made a Mad Lib game and a Hangman game, and am working on Blackjack, all in C++. I don’t really want to start a new languige right now.

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As you are making progress in C++ then that would be the logical choice for where to place your effort. What is important right now is understanding the syntax, the various constructs such as loops and functions, the range of built-in features offered by the language, and so on. This is not a skill you can acquire in a few lessons, though. It can take years to become super proficient. Stick to small projects and break them down into simple pieces with basic tasks, then thread it together.

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