Are Assessments Open Book?

I was just wondering if the quizzes and exams are supposed to be “open book”, where you can check MDN and other references for syntax and things.

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One thinks it is safe to assume you may use whatever is at your disposal, however, there is also the risk the exam will time out. Everything in the exams is covered in course material, as far as I know, so you might not need to go any further than back through the course, or the lessons relating to the question.

Another thing to consider is that the exam can be taken more than once (at 24 hour intervals) so if you give it your best and still don’t pass, go back through the lessons and try again once you’ve completed your review.

We discourage posting of exam questions on the forums, but nobody said you cannot keep a record of the question to research on your own. It would be good to consider that even while a certificate may be awarded for a passing grade, it still doesn’t amount to a lot since the courses are not exhaustive, intensive as they may be. An employer will give their own assessment in the end, and hire on that basis.