Are all these signups necessary?

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m curious on how much of these sites that are recommended we sign up for are actually used? I’m currently working through the Full Stack career path and other than GitHub I’m not seeing a lot of these numerous other services beyond that being used more than once on the lessons. Some are signed up for and never heard of again.

Looking to save some clutter if necessary so would love some feedback.


GH is important to learn how to use as a developer or anyone in tech.

Other than that, I’m not sure what sites you’re referring to.(?) Examples?

It looks like a lot of them were removed with the update. Namecheap was one of them from what I still have in my email.

Netlify was the last one that I just came across and I was a little salty about more signups.


If I recall correctly, neither of those (and the vast vast majority of anything they suggest you sign up to) is something you have to sign up for and, if you didn’t want to, there would be nothing stopping you from just skipping over the sections that suggest that.

The only exceptions to the above are GitHub, which you need to follow along with the Git/GitHub modules which frankly as Lisa mentioned is an industry standard service all developers should be able to use and the external APIs a couple of the requests lessons and projects use as they need you to get an API key.

That said, the articles that recommend sign ups are all for a good reason, for example Netlify is a really useful service, and knowledge of at least one good hosting platform is fairly essential once you want to host projects.

So yeah, do you have to sign up for them? No, but I personally strongly recommend that you do, even if you aren’t using them currently, you will likely use at some point and knowing how to is a useful skill to have :slight_smile: