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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the The NPR API course.


Exercise 1.1: What You'll Be Building
Exercise 1.2: Import Your Modules
Exercise 1.3: Working with the Story API
Exercise 1.4: Specifying results and output format
Exercise 1.5: About the Story API
Exercise 1.6: Print Out Story Titles
Exercise 1.7: Adding User Input
Exercise 1.8: All Done, But Just Getting Started!

Exercise 2.1: Parsing a Full Story
Exercise 2.2: Build on Lesson 1
Exercise 2.3: Print Date, Teaser, and Byline
Exercise 2.4: Program Name and URL
Exercise 2.5: Image, Caption, Credit, and MP3 Link
Exercise 2.6: Print Paragraph Text

Exercise 3.1: Creating Custom Feeds
Exercise 3.2: Import Your Modules
Exercise 3.3: Requiring Content Assets In An API Call
Exercise 3.4: Get Some User Input
Exercise 3.5: Working With Search Strings and Titles
Exercise 3.6: Query the API
Exercise 3.7: Create Custom Podcast!
Exercise 3.8: Convert Your App to an RSS Generator

Exercise 4.1: Intro to Transcripts
Exercise 4.2: Build Our Transcript API Call
Exercise 4.3: Get Our Transcript JSON
Exercise 4.4: Print the Transcript Text

Exercise 5.1: Find Local Stations
Exercise 5.2: Build Our API Call
Exercise 5.3: Call the Station API
Exercise 5.4: Print Out Your Local Stations
Exercise 5.5: Add More Station Information
Exercise 5.6: Check for Local MP3 Streams
Exercise 5.7: Print Station Audio Streams
Exercise 5.8: All finished!