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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Apigee course.


Exercise 1.1: Welcome to Apigee!
Exercise 1.2: Adding the Apigee SDK
Exercise 1.3: Initializing the SDK
Exercise 1.4: Saving Data to Apigee
Exercise 1.5: Viewing your data in the Apigee Admin Portal

Exercise 2.1: Using Queries to find data in Apigee
Exercise 2.2: Using iterators in query results
Exercise 2.3: Adding locations to your data
Exercise 2.4: Querying for the nearest objects
Exercise 2.5: Query for objects with regular queries and geoqueries

Exercise 3.1: Signing up a user
Exercise 3.2: Signing in a user
Exercise 3.3: Figuring out who is logged in
Exercise 3.4: Working with user activities

Exercise 4.1: Following a user
Exercise 4.2: See who is following you
Exercise 4.3: View a feed of content from who you follow

Exercise 5.1: Create a group
Exercise 5.2: Adding users to a group
Exercise 5.3: Sharing content with a group
Exercise 5.4: Viewing a group's feed