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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the How to use APIs with Ruby course.

How to use APIs with Ruby

Exercise 1.1: You've Already Been Introduced
Exercise 1.2: The Client/Server Relationship
Exercise 1.3: No REST for the Wicked
Exercise 1.4: A RESTful API

Exercise 2.1: Making a Request
Exercise 2.2: The Four Verbs
Exercise 2.3: Anatomy of a Request
Exercise 2.4: Endpoints
Exercise 2.5: Authentication & API Keys

Exercise 3.1: HTTP Status Codes
Exercise 3.2: Anatomy of a Response
Exercise 3.3: Parsing XML
Exercise 3.4: Parsing JSON
Exercise 3.5: XML or JSON?

Exercise 4.1: REST Constraints & Requirements
Exercise 4.2: Requests
Exercise 4.3: Authentication & API Keys
Exercise 4.4: XML & JSON
Exercise 4.5: You Did It!