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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Wikipedia API course.

Wikipedia API

Exercise 1.1: action=parse
Exercise 1.2: Getting wikimarkup text as an HTML
Exercise 1.3: Parsing an image
Exercise 1.4: Get internal links of a parsed wiki page
Exercise 1.5: Get multiple props(piece of information) of a parsed page
Exercise 1.6: Parsing Templates

Exercise 2.1: Performing full text search
Exercise 2.2: Listing Wikipedia Categories
Exercise 2.3: Getting user's or multiple user's information
Exercise 2.4: Get the list of users starting with a character
Exercise 2.5: Listing Pages referencing a URL
Exercise 2.6: Geo Coordinates
Exercise 2.7: Generators
Exercise 2.8: Listing pages starting from "B"
Exercise 2.9: List pages that Tranclude a certain page
Exercise 2.10: Listing blocked users
Exercise 2.11: Get first 10 pages in given category
Exercise 2.12: Listing Random Pages
Exercise 2.13: Listing user contributions to Wikipedia
Exercise 2.14: What Links Here/ Backlinks
Exercise 2.15: Listing Images
Exercise 2.16: Listing pages that use the given image.
Exercise 2.17: Listing pages that use given pageprop
Exercise 2.18: Listing query page based special pages
Exercise 2.19: Enumerate Recent changes
Exercise 2.20: Continuing Queries

Exercise 3.1: Multiple values in one request
Exercise 3.2: Get page links
Exercise 3.3: prop=revisions - content
Exercise 3.4: Get last 5 revisions of a page
Exercise 3.5: Get revisions of a page made by anonymous user
Exercise 3.6: Accessing Image Information
Exercise 3.7: Getting Page information
Exercise 3.8: Getting the templates used in a given page
Exercise 3.9: Getting page Categories
Exercise 3.10: Get language links from a page
Exercise 3.11: Getting all images of a given page

Exercise 4.1: meta=allmessages
Exercise 4.2: General wiki info
Exercise 4.3: Detailed wiki info
Exercise 4.4: meta=userinfo

Exercise 5.1: Get the token
Exercise 5.2: Editing wiki pages
Exercise 5.3: