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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the About You course.

About You

Exercise 1.1: Welcome to HTML!
Exercise 1.2: Speak in Paragraphs
Exercise 1.3: Asking for Input
Exercise 1.4: Placeholders

Exercise 2.1: Adding Style
Exercise 2.2: Center your Heading
Exercise 2.3: Center your Paragraph
Exercise 2.4: Work Your Body
Exercise 2.5: Good Head on your Shoulders
Exercise 2.6: Latest and Greatest
Exercise 2.7: Changing Color
Exercise 2.8: Fonts

Exercise 3.1: Logo Image
Exercise 3.2: Background Image
Exercise 3.3: Background Check
Exercise 3.4: Font Sizes
Exercise 3.5: Remove Default Styles
Exercise 3.6: Padding
Exercise 3.7: Bigger, Better Input
Exercise 3.8: Bright Buttons!

Exercise 4.1: Change It Up!