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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Introduction to Classes course.

Introduction to Classes

Exercise 1.1: Why Use Classes?
Exercise 1.2: Class Syntax
Exercise 1.3: Classier Classes
Exercise 1.4: Let's Not Get Too Selfish
Exercise 1.5: Instantiating Your First Object

Exercise 2.1: More on init() and self
Exercise 2.2: Class Scope
Exercise 2.3: A Methodical Approach
Exercise 2.4: They're Multiplying!
Exercise 2.5: It's Not All Animals and Fruits

Exercise 3.1: Warning: Here Be Dragons
Exercise 3.2: Inheritance Syntax
Exercise 3.3: Override!
Exercise 3.4: This Looks Like a Job For...

Exercise 4.1: Class Basics
Exercise 4.2: Class It Up
Exercise 4.3: Instantiate an Object
Exercise 4.4: Inheritance