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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Introduction to Bitwise Operators course.

Introduction to Bitwise Operators

Exercise 1.1: Just a Little BIT
Exercise 1.2: Lesson I0: The Base 2 Number System
Exercise 1.3: I Can Count to 1100!
Exercise 1.4: The bin() Function
Exercise 1.5: int()'s Second Parameter

Exercise 2.1: Slide to the Left! Slide to the Right!
Exercise 2.2: A BIT of This AND That
Exercise 2.3: A BIT of This OR That
Exercise 2.4: This XOR That?
Exercise 2.5: See? This is NOT That Hard!

Exercise 3.1: The Man Behind the Bit Mask
Exercise 3.2: Turn It On
Exercise 3.3: Just Flip Out
Exercise 3.4: Slip and Slide