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Advanced Topics in Python

Exercise 1.1: Iterators for Dictionaries
Exercise 1.2: keys() and values()
Exercise 1.3: The 'in' Operator

Exercise 2.1: Building Lists
Exercise 2.2: List Comprehension Syntax
Exercise 2.3: Now You Try!

Exercise 3.1: List Slicing Syntax
Exercise 3.2: Omitting Indices
Exercise 3.3: Reversing a List
Exercise 3.4: Stride Length
Exercise 3.5: Practice Makes Perfect

Exercise 4.1: Anonymous Functions
Exercise 4.2: Lambda Syntax
Exercise 4.3: Try It!

Exercise 5.1: Iterating Over Dictionaries
Exercise 5.2: Comprehending Comprehensions
Exercise 5.3: List Slicing
Exercise 5.4: Lambda Expressions