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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Battleship! course.


Exercise 1.1: Welcome to Battleship!
Exercise 1.2: Getting Our Feet Wet
Exercise 1.3: Make a List
Exercise 1.4: Check it Twice
Exercise 1.5: Custom Print
Exercise 1.6: Printing Pretty
Exercise 1.7: Hide...
Exercise 1.8: ...and Seek!
Exercise 1.9: It's Not Cheating—It's Debugging!

Exercise 2.1: You win!
Exercise 2.2: Danger, Will Robinson!!
Exercise 2.3: Bad Aim
Exercise 2.4: Not Again!
Exercise 2.5: Test Run

Exercise 3.1: Play It, Sam
Exercise 3.2: Game Over
Exercise 3.3: A Real Win
Exercise 3.4: To Your Battle Stations!
Exercise 3.5: Extra Credit