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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Object-Oriented Programming II course.

Object-Oriented Programming II

Exercise 1.1: Need-to-Know Basis
Exercise 1.2: Quick Review: Building a Class
Exercise 1.3: Going Public
Exercise 1.4: Private! Keep Out!
Exercise 1.5: attr_reader, attr_writer
Exercise 1.6: attr_accessor

Exercise 2.1: What's a Module?
Exercise 2.2: Module Syntax
Exercise 2.3: Resolve to Keep Learning
Exercise 2.4: A Few Requirements
Exercise 2.5: Feeling Included

Exercise 3.1: The Marriage of Modules and Classes
Exercise 3.2: Imitating Multiple Inheritance
Exercise 3.3: Extend Your Knowledge

Exercise 4.1: A Matter of Public Knowledge
Exercise 4.2: Private Affairs
Exercise 4.3: Module Magic
Exercise 4.4: Mixin for the Win