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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the The Zen of Ruby course.

The Zen of Ruby

Exercise 1.1: Ruby is a Delight
Exercise 1.2: A Simpler 'If'
Exercise 1.3: The One-Line Unless
Exercise 1.4: One Good Turn Deserves a Ternary
Exercise 1.5: When and Then: The Case Statement

Exercise 2.1: Conditional Assignment
Exercise 2.2: Now You Try!
Exercise 2.3: Implicit Return
Exercise 2.4: Short-Circuit Evaluation

Exercise 3.1: The Right Tool for the Job
Exercise 3.2: Up the Down Staircase
Exercise 3.3: Call and Response
Exercise 3.4: Being Pushy
Exercise 3.5: String Interpolation

Exercise 4.1: One-Liners
Exercise 4.2: The Ternary Operator
Exercise 4.3: In Case of Many Options
Exercise 4.4: Conditional Assignment
Exercise 4.5: Implicit Return
Exercise 4.6: 'For' Shame!


Thanks for this it's been really useful to use rather than searching through discussions.